MAWI Firma Księgarska rok założenia 1990

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Old Konin

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(in the English language)

Autor: Jacek Wiśniewski

Oprawa: twarda

Format: 24,00 x 17,00 cm

Liczba stron: 152

Wydanie: I

ISBN 978-83-63326-26-5

Cena detaliczna: 35,00 zł



A hundred years ago, Konin was a small town which did not even have a rail connection with the world. Jacek Wiśniewski takes us on a sentimental walk along the streets of Konin. We will have a look at the hundred-year-old streets, churches, schools, cafes and the Town Hall. We will go to the park for a game of croquet, and to an employment agency, and later take part in free sewing courses. This is a fascinating excursion, because such is the history of Konin. Pictures, postcards, press adverts and parts of articles from the "Voice of Konin" (a weekly) will remind you of good old times. For some people this will come as a surprise but at the same time it will prove what an exceptional city Konin is and what a beautiful soul it has.